For the love of dogs

I would like to share my story as to why I decided to breed Shetland/sheltie dogs! Many breeders of the Shetlands, breed for agility, show ring or herding, which I might say the Shetlands are very good at. However, my story is a little different.

I have had Epilepsy all of my life (40+ years).  As a child I had petite mal seizures, as I got older into adolescence, I started having partial complex as well as grand mal seizures. By the time I was 19 years old I would seizure 70 times a day. That required me to undergo 3 brain surgeries. I told the surgeons if they can save me i will make it my life mission to help others who seizure.

24+yrs ago, when we looked into a seizure alert dog, there was a 15 year waiting list, and cost $35 000.  It seemed hopeless, and I didn’t have 15 years to wait. As grim as that sounds I was blessed, to have a mother who managed the humane society, ( now S.P.C.A). She brought home a rescue Sheltie, and that dog depicted my seizures, before my mom or I ever could. I have had shelties ever since.

I know what it is like to live in fear of the next seizure, and I know what it is like to feel the comfort and safety of having an alert dog in my home

I am not a professional alert trainer, but I am an Epileptic who has grown and worked in the dog world all my life. So now I want to give back and help other Epileptics, who suffer from Epilepsy, feel the security that I feel.

Our pups go through behavioral testing as well as aptittude testing. Some pups go into the medical program and some go into forever loving families.

Our goal here and reason for breeding is to make a difference.